Mountain Biking 'Highlanders' Route - Tour No.MB21

Trip - Doi Pui to Mae Sa Valley


Location - Mountain 5400 foot elevation above Chiang Mai


Biking time - approximately 4 hours over 35 km


Elevation change - from 5400 feet (1600m) down to 3200 feet (1100m) up to 4100 feet (1400m)


Riding conditions - 75% downhill on a rarely used dirt road.


Flora and fauna - Pine forest, Jungle and Plantations


Fitness level - motivated beginners to experts


What to bring?


Something warm for the cooler season, your camera of course, water and some Thai Baht.


Tours leave daily from Chiang Mai, 8.30am to 5.30pm



Cost from 1750 baht per person

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