Khantoke Dinner - Tour No.55

A khantoke dinner is an experience you should not miss, if you enjoy traditional dance, music, and cuisine. The Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center is one of the city’s premier destinations for khantoke.

The menu includes pork curry, pork tomato chili paste, fried chicken, fried pork skins, fresh and boiled vegetables, crispy rice noodles, fried banana, chicken soup, sticky rice and steamed rice, seasonal fruits, tea, and coffee.

About halfway through your meal, a classical orchestra will begin to accompany troupes of dancers in gorgeous costumes, or occasionally a solo dancer, as they perform the graceful movements of ai classical dance for your pleasure. these are absolutely authentic northern ai dances, distinct from dances performed in Bangkok and Ayuthaya.

They are rooted in the region’s history, culture, and way of life.

Nightly from 7.00pm -  9.40pm

Cost 690 baht per person


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