Night Safari - Tour No.54

The Night Safari is located near Doi Suthep–Pui National Park on about 131 hectares. the park is laid out in three zones, one for walking and two for tram rides; there is also a musical fountain.

The Jaguar Trail Zone, for walking, passes around the beautiful Swan Lake; it is home to more than 400 small animals of over 50 species. is opportunity can be enjoyed by all ages as a relaxing introduction to animal conservation.

In the Savannah Safari Zone, visitors travel by tram through a distinct environment.

Wildlife includes serows, gorals, red kangaroos, white rhinos, striped hyenas, cheetahs, wildebeests, guars, girafes, and yaks.

The Predator Prowl Zone tram ride offers a hair-raising experience as visitors come into close proximity to lions, black bears, jackals, pumas, hyenas, crocodiles, vultures, Malaysian sun bears, and wolves

Tours leave daily form 6.00-6.30pm

Tour includes transportation and entrance fees

Cost 1000 baht per person

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