Two Day Trekking , North West of Chiang Mai - Tour No.10

Day 1


You will leave from Chiang Mai by pick up truck and drive for 1 hour to the local market to buy supplies. After, we will drive to a Shan Village and have lunch. After lunch you will ride the elephants through the scenic jungle for 45 minutes. We will then walk for 3 hours to a Lahu village, here you can learn about the people and stay overnight at the village.


Day 2


After breakfast we will walk for 1.5 hours to a waterfall where you can enjoy swimming and relax. We will then continue to walk throgh the forest and farmlands for 2 hours to the raft camp where will we have Lunch. After lunch we will be able to enjoy White Water rafting for 1 hour followed by Bamboo rafting for 20 minutes. Afterwards we will drive back to Chiang Mai.


What to bring?


Something warm for the cooler season, your camera of course, water and Thai Baht

Tours leave from Chiang Mai, 9.30am Day 1 to 5.30pm day 2.


Cost from 1400 baht per person


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